Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where we will live for the next 3 years

After 58 days in TLA if all goes well this will be home. We have signed the precontract, and had 2 inspections. It passed the 2nd one. So we sign the final contract on the 26th. And then we move in June 3rd. These are just a few quick snaps of the house that I took while Gary was at work. As I went to see this house first without him. There will be much better pics to come once we are in it.

This is the front. It is a duplex and not a stand alone, but we are ok with that because of the perks. :D
It isn't the most beautiful house we saw nor is it the biggest by any means. Doesn't have the largest yard etc... But again we picked the house that we thought would work best for us.
One of the perks!!!
The pool! BTW it is clean now :D. If you look just over the fence you can see mountains. The views are just fabulous. We have the Med on oneside and mountians on the other 3. That is when the fog/haze isn't blocking it lol.

This is our wonderful "small" yard. We didnt want a large one as we didn't bring yard tools since we were told we would have to live on base (no yards) and with G's schedule I will more than likely get stuck mowing/weed eating any way.
Kitchen, again not the most beautiful one we saw, but it works and they added a dishwasher for us. We saw one that was a beautiful traditional italian kitchen but I can cook any where as long as I have space.
The foreground is the dining area and the the other is the living room. Under the arch is a bathroom and another room. Again not the prettiest staircase we saw, but who cares :D, because the rest of the house just seems to work best for us.
One of the 3 bathrooms. This is the only one with a window, the others have doors to the balconies.
And this is one of 5 bedrooms. All with walkout doors to the balconies.
The other perk is the roof top terrace, that I didn't get a picture of but will get once we move in. I will post pictures once we are out there and there is a clear day to get the Mediterranean Sea, the mountians and Mt. Vesuvius.
We can't wait to get our stuff and have a place to call "home" again. By the time we move in it will have been 7 months. That is a long time to not have a home to come back to.
Hope you like it. Tell me what you think.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Girls Life Magazine for only $12

Check out this link if you have tween girls.
Mamapedia deals

 It is a great deal 2 years for only $12 dollars and if you go here you can get a discount code of an additional 10% off.

Will be back soon to post more info about our new adventures here in Naples Italy. But wanted to get this out asap!