Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dental is done....

Went in to the dental clinic today for that portion of the overseas screening. Went well and we all got the green light! Now just get through the medical screening tomorrow.

Went to legal here, wasn't much help as I had expected. But I did get the contact info for there. I am almost thinking that it isn't worth even bothering with the photography business and I should just shoot for myself, maybe sell some landscapes etc... Gonna have to disc it with the hubster.

Kids and I will be heading down to the Seafood Fest here in housing in a few. They are having peel and eat shrimp :D Wish the hubster was here to go with us as he LOVES that kind of shrimp. And hey you can't beat a "free" meal right?

Photographers who need a laugh #2


Photographers who need a laugh must watch!

How true this is sometimes!!

Fotofusion Templates

Just wanted to share some awesome templates from a great lady named Anna. She was so thoughtful and shared them with everyone. I can't wait to play but I can't until I get back to my photos. Anna I will share my plays once I get a chance.
She also has some tutorials on her blog too. Please check it out if you love to take photos pro or not :D
Thanks again for sharing! You are Awesome! Sorry for taking so long to share. I had issues with Blogger posting.

If you are wondering what Fotofusion is it is an Awesome program for Scrapbooking and Photographers alike. I purchased this software to help me design my clients albums, but soon realized I could also use it for my own photos and scrap them digitally. There are 3 versions of Lumapix Fotofusion.
Scrapbooking essentials, Enhanced and Extreme (professional photographers)
You can check out the software here.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Things are starting to get hectic

The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy.
The husband and I went to the TAP class at NOB mid September. We learned alot about our/his benefits. I highly recommend that anybody retiring from the military attend this course. You can go 2 times I believe. The husband still has just under 4 years left but we were told to attend here in the states as he would get much more information. I am sure we will attend again while we are still in Naples closer to the actual retirement.
During that week we stopped in at NAVPTO to find out how things were going wtih the travel part of the PCS. And as we figured  nothing was done. Command had not even sent the paperwork over and as far as I know they still haven't. Not surprising.
Found out what we needed to do for the No Fee Passports and Visa's. So we typed everything up and printed them off, and took them in the following week. They looked over the paperwork and wouldn't take them because we printed everything front and back. Can't do that. So if you are applying for a No Fee Passport you HAVE to print the front of the application on one sheet and the back on another. Apparently the barcode won't scan if you print them on both sides. And the command had typed one of the kids birthdays wrong, and had not signed any of the paperwork. So the hubs took everything in to the command the following day. We finally have them in and they are being processed. 6-8 weeks for the turn around. Visa's we are being told will take about 4 weeks. Hopefully they don't get lost lol. But we can't apply for them until the end of the year. So have jumping through hoops we have done what we can for those 2 things.
Overseas screenings, oh my where do I start. That has been a nightmare. I have been trying to get the information needed for these since we found out we were going to Naples in Feb. Yeah I finally had to go in and speak to people in person. We have the immunizations and TB test taken care of. But apparently they are to be done at the same time. So I spent 20 mins at Boone clinic being chewed out because someone didn't do things they way this person wanted it done. Not sure which is actually correct. Dental screening was last week but when I confirmed there was a mix up and we went in a day early, so now we are scheduled for this coming week. The physical screening is this week too. Hoping it all goes smoothly.
I am so thankful we are not one of the many of people who get orders and report less than month later overseas. There are just too many things to get done and too many times you don't get the correct info.
Still waiting on the command to submit the paperwork for us all to Travel and by the end of Dec. we should have our flight info.
Oh and we requested a sponsor almost 2 weeks ago. Still waiting on that too.
As for the photography business, I have done a few sessions but since we were planned to be out of here the end of last month, I had not booked any after September. So if you are interested in a Fall or Holiday session let me know. I am currently looking into the SOFA Laws for Italy. As I am getting conflicting info as to if I can continue the business there or not. I sure hope so, I love photography, but if I can't I will shoot for myself and travel as much as possible :D
Who has started their holiday/Christmas shopping? I finally have. I have picked up a few things for the kids, preordered a couple of things for them also. Heading out tomorrow to pick up my moms. Got to get to work on the grandparents and great grandparents gifts. So what have you done so far? This is our first year since my hubs and I have been married (15 years in Jan) that we have spent a Christmas at home. Kind of excited but also worried as both families are so big that there is no way we will see everyone on that day, we refuse to be in the car the whole day. But the hubs will be on leave so we will have time to see everyone at some point at least. So thankful I am not having to put up a tree this year though lol. It gets old when you have to do it by yourself cause the spouse is always gone. And I am so short that it frustrates me at times haha.
Oh and on a YAY me note, I have started  working out again. I had to do something, the meds for my back had totally screwed me up. Caused more pain than I started with and I have gained over 50 pounds in a year due to all of the side effects and not being able to work out. I am finally to a point that I don't wake up hurting every day (usually just a couple of days a week) and not physically sick. So Friday was my first day of working out. 3 days in a row..... It is a start. Friday I was only able to do 20 mins on the eliptical. Today I was able to go for 25 mins. I think it will do me even more good to work off some of the stress that comes from PCSing, so hopefully I sick with it.
Well this is it for today. I really hope I can post atleast 2 times a week. If nothing more it can be updates on the move to Naples Italy.....

Friday, September 24, 2010

The blog is much

closer to what I wanted now. Hope you guys like it and I will be updating more. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bare with me

I am trying my hardest to revamp this blog to make it prettier and much more user friendly. Hope to have it fully done within a week or so. Have lots of updates to make once it is finished!

Thursday, September 02, 2010


It is official, we are heading to Naples Italy in 2011. We have known since March that we were going but we got the official copy yesterday!! We are so excited and March can't get here fast enough. Now there is so much to get done. I sure hope the next 6 months fly by. Photographing Europe has always been a dream of mine. Stay tuned for updates...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh man it has been a long day...

Updated to add the quick snap shots that I took.
Had some things that had to be taken care of last night so I was up until 2am. Finally fell asleep sometime after 230am. And then it seems like 5 mins later that the alarm went off. It was actually 630am and time to get up, cut Austin's hair, get the other 2 in the showers and be at NOB by 9am for Gary's reenlistment. We were up and, bathed, fed and completely ready by 8am. So we headed over the Nexcom to drop Sunrita's OPLOVE video and photos off to her. And then sit in traffic to actually get on base. Park forever away from the pier and then head towards the ship. Onboard at 902am but it didn't make a difference. Gary didn't get topside until almost 920am. We headed to the bridge, discussed what was going on with his releif and our orders to Naples. A little after 10am we finally got the reenlistment ceremony underway. Gary was discharged and enlisted in a matter of 3 minutes lol. They gave me a certificate (as usual) for my dedication and support etc... But someone forgot the kids. Not sure if it was Gary or someone else. I guess they will get theirs at some point. We celebrated with a cake. Certainly not the best cake but you could tell it wasn't from a box lol.
We (the kids and I) made it off the ship around 11 or so, and went to the Cold Stone Creamery to order Sommer's Birthday cake for Saturday. She wanted a Strawberry cheesecake ice cream with red velvet cake. Get to pick it up on Friday at lunch time (yay). This is the Cold Stone on Base, can't you see my excitement?
Gary finally got off sometime after noon. He decided that LoneStar Steakhouse was where we would go to celebrate his last 4 year enlistment in the Navy. Lunch wasn't too bad other than it took him til almost 2pm to decide where we were going. Didn't know kids eat free on Tuesdays there nor that they offer a military discount of 10% everyday and 20% on Mondays.
Now we are home and relaxing. I need to process his enlistment pics and get them up and maybe even creat a page or 2 for the scrapbook before we forget everything lol.
So after this very long winded entry I will try to get the pictures up soon.
Think I will head to bed early tonight :D

Monday, August 23, 2010

I believe my blog will be photography and everything else from now on!

The kids and I are sitting here listening to an Italian learning CD that we got from the JEB Little Creek library. Some of the things come back to me from my Latin days in High school. Some of the words though, oh my we will be laughed at I am sure. But atleast we are trying. And the kids will get what 4 years of Italian for their home schooling. They really enjoy it, thankfully and we laugh when we mess up. I have been told by a few people though that we will need to learn the Naples version of Italian as it is very different for regular Italian. Wish us luck and off we go for more :D.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Oh my been awhile again

Time is passing me by. Ever since we got verbal orders to Naples Italy in February, time has been going by quickly for everything except the hard copy lol.

Hard to believe we are already in July. Last week was crazy, the husband's ship went to the Bahamas for some shindig. Unfortunately no photos to scrap for DH's album as he only got to step about 5 feet outside of the gate. They were only there for 2 days and he had duty the full day in port. Go figure lol.
He finally got home about 6pm Saturday night, which made for a very short 4th of July weekend. We lounged with the kids on Sunday cause it was way too hot to go any where during daylight hours. We did wind up going to see some fireworks that night. Started off by heading to Downtown Norfolk since I was able to get some beautiful shots there last year. After sitting in traffic and realizing most parking decks were completely full we got out of there and hit 264 and heading for Va Beach instead. Stopped at a parking deck on Independence Blvd so we didn't have to fight the Mt. Trashmore traffic. If you are just wanting to "see" the fireworks it was a good location but I only too my 90mm as a "just" in case lense and it was too short. I had trees (which are ok) and powerlines in the way. But all in all I got some ok shots. Hopefully next year in Italy I can get some beautiful shots again.

I will post a collage in a bit of the kids and the fireworks.

Oh and we did take the kids to Kings Dominion on Monday, and OMGoodness was it ever so hot. I literally thought I was going to have a heat stroke or something. It was fun but too hot to really enjoy it.

But I just wanted to say I have been pretty busy with processing clients photos and designing albums.

Like I said before things have been way fast since getting the orders, we have gone to 2 workshops for the move and have another to go but can't do that until we have orders in hand. The kids are moving from phase one in braces to phase 2. Can I just say "Sticker Shock?" This is a busy time of year here in Hampton Roads for photographers, but it has been so hot that many of mine have been moved indoors. My house and studio are turned upside down as we have been packing things we want to keep but no need to take. You know that huge dining room table that is not going to fit in the 1400 sq ft houses over there lol. Yeah that has been oh so fun. We have gone through things and had a yard sale, but gonna have to have another. We are lined up to go to a TAPS class soon, hard copy should be in soon and we are no where near ready. The husband will be in and out until he detaches in Nov., so most of this move will be left up to me again. And after our last move I could so do a DITY but that would be too costly for an OCONUS move. So I am stuck with the movers the Navy hires.

My house is turned upside down and I have another shoot tomorrow. I gotta run and clean but again here are a couple of photos from our 4th of July weekend.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Been an interesting day here today

Not sure how many of you know but we have orders to Naples Italy!!!!! We are so excited, the time to go can't get here fast enough. Anyway....
The hubs and I had to meet with the Orthodontist this morning. We have one child that is still in phase 1 and ready for phase 2, one that has finished phase 1 and should be ready for phase 2 around July. The 3rd they are hoping can hold off until she is a bit older. Any way we were there today to decide what route we want to take for phase 2. We can do just plain extractions and make it all much better. Or he can have surgery and extractions and make it "perfect". I am pretty sure we are leaning towards just the extractions and make the best of what we were dealt. But the real question comes into play with no knowing what Naples has to offer for dependants with braces. So tomorrow at some point I get to try and call or go into Boone clinic and talk with Dental to find out if they have the orthodontic facilities or not. So that was sticker shock, insurance will only pay another 750. Our portion is almost 4000 dollars. Not counting what we have paid for phase 1. But we have started this process, we need to finish it I guess.
Once that was over we actually had lunch together as the hubs was going to miss it on the ship by the time he got back. He left back for work, I tried to schedule that drs appt. that I have been trying to get since Friday still with no luck. Worked on some photos, and took the kids to Soccer practice. It was parents against kids scrimage. Yeah that was a mistake. Pretty sure I broke my toe lol. It won't bend and it hurts like crazy to walk. Go figure, that is my luck. We are home and settled in for the night. While fixing dinner on the George Forman I burned my arm, blisters and all lol. Now waiting on the hubs to get home, as he warned me that this week will be late nights due to training.
So yeah I know this has nothing to do with Photography but I figure if I get into the habit of posting regularly the photography part of it will fall into place lol.
Hope everyone had a more productive day than I have. As I am still trying to search for answers about our DL's (North Carolina and Texas) as we need them valid for the entire length of the OCONUS tour.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Update for Father's Day

"A Father carries pictures where his money used to be - so why not give him a wallet with a picture on it for Father's Day!"

I said yesterday that I would post an update with more info on the Father's Day Specials. I am awaiting the samples from the company to actually show you some of the products. So until then I will just post a reminder that we have until June 14th to hold the session and get the session fee at 50% off. As soon as I get the samples I will update the post. So check back often!

Father's Day Specials!!!!

Book a session now for Father's Day!! 1/2 off the Session fee (some restrictions apply for locations) Hold your session between June 1st and June 14th for this special. Session fee is $75! That is 50% off. I offer many items that make great gifts for dad, mouse pads, mugs, wallets, shaving kit bag etc... Call or email to book your session!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Amanda & Antwan

I had the pleasure of photographing Amanda and Antwan's Wedding last August at Fort Monroe. It was a beautiful intimate beach side ceremony. They had their reception inside the Bay Breeze Community Center.
Absolutely beautiful ceremony and couple. I hope you guys have a wonderful life together. Well atleast once he gets back lol.

Lots of new updates coming soon

Unfortunately I had a major Hard drive failure last weekend. I found out on Friday that nothing was recoverable :(. So after running software recovery on all of my CF cards I was able to get most everything back. I am missing about 6-8 months worth of clients and personal photos. I have since learned that you back up tha back up. So with the new click free hard drive having arrived today and the first one being defective I am in the process of backing everything I saved up. With that said there will be lots of updates coming from past clients that I just haven't had time to post.

If you take nothing but one thing from this please make sure you BACK UP everything!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gotta love it!

This is my husbands command and it honestly doesn't shock me at all.
Click the title and it will take you to the article.
But basically it comes down to he had "sexual relations" (lets be politically correct here lol) with a female officer onboard the USS Truxtun. He apparently got caught. And has thrown his career down the drain. Yes we all know he is innocent until proven guilty. But the funny part about this whole thing is there weren't rumors or anything until about the time it was to hit the news. My husband received a call and was told the news. It was on the news within just a few minutes.
I think it is a crying shame that people flush their careers for a few "good" minutes. Seriously? And lets take this a step further, another military wife left her opinion about this on my facebook last night. We have people fighting to get women on submarines? Yeah how many would blow their careers then? That said, you didn't have these issues when women weren't allowed on ships! Don't get me wrong I am all for equal rights, but there has to consequences all around. Any way that is a different topic for a different time.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My broken A700 :(

Here are some images of my unfortunate accident :(. I learned my lesson. You don't leave a 70-200mm 2.8 attached to the camera for extended periods of time and then pack it into a camera bag backpack. I did this but accidently dropped the bag and it snapped the lens off the camera :(. Oh I was sick. Thankfully I have an extened warranty and Insurance. The lens appears to be ok thankfully and the camera is out for repair. I sure hope they get it fixed soon so that I can have it back.

Any way try not to make the same mistake I did.

Sorry for the crappy quality it was low light and with my P&S.