Monday, December 29, 2008

Babies First Birthday Cake Sessions

These Birthday Sessions are usually photographed around the 11 month mark. Some parents like to use these portraits on the invitations for the Birthday Party. The session usually lasts about 30 minutes or so. The child gets practice in for the real Birthday cake and you get great images. You can bring a hat if you so desire. Also if you have a particular cake that you want in the portraits you would need to provide that. But if a generic cake is ok I will gladly provide one that is bakery made.

This is one of the little boys that I had the opportunity to photograph recently. We did a First Birthday Cake Session. He is a doll and was so cute playing in his cake. I sure hope he had a great Birthday Emily. Let me know if you guys need anything.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boudoir Photography

I had the chance to photograph a fellow Navy Wife. These were Boudoir portraits for her deployed husband. It has been an honor to work with so many ladies who are confident enough to book a boudoir session.


1. Loch Earn
2. Kilt Rock on Isle of Skye
Loch Earn
4. Navy off coast of Isle of Skye
5. Mountain at the Base of the Glencoe Mountains
6. just a rose
7. White Peacock at Scone Palace
8. Peacock Scone Palace
9. Peacock Scone Palace
10. Landscape View in Perthshire
11. View of Glencoe Mountains
12. Son and Deer at Glencoe
13. Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness
14. War Memorial Base of Glencoe
15. Lighthouse in Bay at Fort George
16. Urguhart Castle and Loch Ness
17. Deer at Glencoe
18. Son and Deer at Glencoe Base
19. Resident Doves of Duchally Hotel
20. Glamis Castle
21. Lanscape View at top of Waterfall in Perth

These are just a few of the photos that I took while we vacationed in Scotland. We took 2 weeks to tour the country during our PCS from NAS Corpus Christi TX to NOB in Norfolk VA.
It was absolutely beautiful and the photos do not do the country justice. There is so much to see and do and we only got to see a small portion of it. We flew into London Heathrow and then drove up to Perthshire. We were just down the road from Duchally Farm in a condo at Duchally Hotel in Glen Eagle. The Doves are residents of the Condo. We did get the 10 day Explorer Pass, and it is well worth the money! We also spent a day in Isle of Skye, went down to Edinburgh, visited the castle and wondered the town. Visit to buy admission tickets. Several days we went through the Glenco Mountains where we saw MANY deer including the one in the photos. We visited Queens View, many lochs such as Loch Tay, Earn, Leven and the Famous Loch Ness just to name a few. Our middle one swears he saw Nessie :D.
Went up to Fort George etc...
We did a seperate Pass that I believe included, Blair Castle, Glamis Castle, Blair Atholl Distillery another Distillery and some where else. Again worth the money.
We did some hiking, so several Waterfalls BIG and small. Dochart Falls was one of them. We were able to see our first star fish in nature up close. We did see some when we went to Alaska last year but we were on a boat. The one we saw here must have been dying as it was on the shore. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. Can't say it enough.
I have to go back and see all of the things that we didn't have time for. I hope it is sooner rather than later :D
If you are planning a trip to Scotland this website is a must to check out. lots of information can be found here.

First Birthday Sessions

I have photographed a couple of First Birthday Sessions recently and wanted to update with a couple of the photos.

This is a service that I am now offering and would love to photograph some girls too. The babies seemed to really enjoy playing in the cakes.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did you Vote?

I sure did! Once the polls start closing, the kids and I will be working on an electoral map today. I think it will be a great way for them to understand a little more about the election process. I will update later today as we have been swamped.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Maddie and Matts Engagement Session

Engagement Session at Fort Story VA

Finally updating. I have been swamped lately but decided to quickly process a couple of images from tonights session. Can't wait to finish the rest of them.
Maddie and Matt are such a cute, fun and sweet couple. It was a pleasure to work with you guys. I wish you guys all the best in the future and with your wedding. Again if there are any shots that we didn't get let me know and we will get them :D

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lincoln Military Resident Holiday Special

November 16th, 2008
Willoughby Recreation Center

Are you a Hampton Roads Lincoln Military Housing Resident? Are you looking for Christmas portrait options? If so then you have come to the right place!! I have incredible specials for anyone who lives in Military housing in the Hampton Roads area. Check them out below. If you are not military or do not live in housing please contace me for my regular holiday specials!!

Jingle Bell
* Up to 10 images to choose from
* 25 5X7 Custom Greeting Cards
* 5% off additional prints

Snow Flake
* Up to 10 images to choose from
* 25 5X7 Custom Greeting Cards
* 2 5X7 Gift Prints
* 5% off additional Prints

* Up to 10 images to choose from
* 25 5X7 Custom Greeting Cards
* 2 8X10 Gift Prints
* 2 5X7 Gift Prints
* 10% off additional Prints

* Up to 10 images to choose from
* 50 5X7 Custom Greeting Cards
* 1 11X14 Wall Portrait
* 2 8X10 Gift Prints
* 2 5X7 Gift Prints
* 16 Wallets
* 10% off additional Prints

Santa Claus
* Up to 10 images to choose from
* 50 5X7 Custom Greeting Cards
* 1 11X14 Wall Portrait
* 2 8X10 Gift Prints
* 4 5X7 Gift Prints
* 4 4X5 Desk Prints
* 16 Wallets
* 10% off additional Prints

All Collections include up to 30 minute Session
Up to 10 images will be processed and posted in online gallery
5 Greeting Card designs to choose from
All Greeting Cards must be same pose and design
Wallets can be 8 of 2 images each
Discounts are on additional prints only, does not apply to Canvas or albums

All Canvas on SALE!!!!

Past or future sessions that are booked, held, ordered and paid for by November 30 will receive
10% off any canvas
of your choosing.
My vendor is offering the sale to me and I am passing it along to you!!!

If you are a past client that would love to have an image taken by me on any size canvas, give me a call or email me and we will get that ordered right away.

If you are a new client, or one that is booked between now and Nov. 30th keep this in mind. I have several samples if you would like to see and touch them just let me know.

These make AWESOME Christmas presents too! So if you are looking for that perfect holiday gift, give me a call.

And a HUGE special right now is if you can order by Oct 31st, you will receive an addition 10% off!!!! How great is that?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boudoir Portrait Party

Would you like your significant other to see a beautiful side of you that's never been seen in print before?
Boudoir themed Portraits can appeal to his fantasy, and your imagination.

Feeling Bashful?
Try getting together with your friends. If you and some close friends have ever wanted some tasteful, intimate or sexy portraits of yourselves, to give to your special someone, but felt uncomfortable going to a studio, why not have a Boudoir Portrait Party?

What is a Boudoir Portrait Party?
A "Girls Night Out" where you plan a party around a boudoir photography theme.
If you have a group of friends who are also interested in boudoir sessions, a boudoir party might be the way to go! Boudoir parties can be held in a suite at a local hotel, your home, your office etc...

What you need to book a Boudoir party:
You will need to have 6 to 8 (5 minimum) participants including yourself, and each guest (excluding hostess)must pay a non-refundable retainer of $50. This retianer will be applied towards any purchase made.

Where Are The Images Taken?
Boudoir images are typically taken in your home, my studio, or anywhere else that you will feel comfortable. Some locations might include your/his office, the boat, a remote outdoor location, his truck, or anywhere else where you feel comfortable and will not be rushed. Your home is often a good location because you have access to all of yours and his things should a creative spark occur during the session.

What Should I Wear?
What you want to convey in your boudoir portraits will largely dictate what you will wear and how you will dress. If you will have bare skin photographed, then you should wear loose fitting clothing (avoiding anything with elastic or wires) around any portion of your body that will be shown to the camera. Tight fitting or elastic clothing leaves indentations and marks on the skin that will show up prominently in the photographs. To get that silky skin look, wear loose fitting clothing prior to your boudoir portrait session. Also avoid sitting or leaning on anything that will leave creases in the skin. The goal in selecting what to wear is to convey a sense of romance, sensuality, playfulness, love, and affection.

Do I have to be Nude?
NO! You don't have to be nude, overly revealing or even in the bedroom, it has more to do with an "attitude" or state of mind more so than how dressed or undressed you are. The idea is to present, affection, romance, and giving.
Always using tasteful and classy props to enhance the feeling of romance and royalty. Boudoir photography is an extremely sensitive area and you must feel comfortable with me during the session. It should be fun and comfortable. You should have a confident feeling of my ability to create lovely images that are flattering to you and within both of our comfort zones. I have a few items (wraps, tulle etc... on hand to use, but definately have your guests bring something from home for a more personal shoot. And check out the other post here about Boudoir Photography in general for a list of items to consider and to get your creative juices flowing.

Who Will See The Proofs?
Only you and whoever you show will see these images unless you agree to the model release and allow me to present some on my websites.

What About Hair and Makeup?

Since you want to look your absolute best you should either plan some significant time to do your hair and makeup, or have it done professionally. Having these services performed professionally takes the worry and anxiety out of the process, but it does add cost to the overall portrait session. If you do not have someone you can trust for these services, then we may be able to offer some suggestions for these services. If you decide to do the makeup and hair yourself, then prepare yourself like you would for a very elaborate night on the town. Makeup should be applied a little heavier than normal, but avoid going to extremes around the eyes.

During the party, your friends will have their Portraits taken with no obligation or pressure to purchase anything, all the while enjoying some wine, champagne or a beverage of your choice, maybe some fruit & chocolate, whatever foods and drink you wish to serve, and you will be able to enjoy conversation and visit with your friends in a non-stressful, party atmosphere. In fact, no purchases will be made at the party. Since the event usually takes place at your home, everyone is comfortable and at their most naturally relaxed selves. Also during the party, you and your friends can browse through some samples from my portfolio to see the various styles and effects I use. There will also be a drawing for door prizes for Free Photo's and gifts!

I will set up my studio in a separate room, and each guest will have their own photo session, with photos taken in several different poses of their choice, with a change or 2 of clothing if they desire. All beautifully done in a tasteful manner.

Hostess Rewards
1. As the Hostess of a Boudoir Portrait Party, you will receive a complimentary 8x10 portrait of your choice.
2. For every $100.00 in sales generated from your Photo Party for addition portraits, albums and CDs you will receive a $20.00 credit to be used as you wish (excluding canvas)
3. Each Guest will receive one (1) 5x7 Group photo.

Refer your Friends and Family
1. For every qualified referral resulting in a Photo Party or photo shoot of any type, you will receive a $20.00 credit to be used at the completion of the referred Photo session. If the person you refer, has the "Boudoir Portrait Party", they will receive a $10.00 credit in addition to the 8x10 portrait and $20.00 credit per $100.00 from additional sales.
2. Referrals must be scheduled within 30 days, and the party or other booking must be held within 45 days to qualify.
Please note: There is a SITTING FEE charged of $50 for each guest with my Boudoir Parties, which makes your session economical as well as fun!
The $50 will be applied towards their purchase once the party is held.
There are a lot of boudoir photographers who can take pictures but few take the time to tell your story through tasteful portraits.
The options are endless and only limited by your imagination. Let us help you open up a world of artistry that is unmatched by the "norm".

If you are interested in hosting an in home Boudoir Photography party, call 757-305-9652 or email me at
with the following information:

Date, time and location you would like to host your party
appx sq ft of home or location using
How many friends will be attending (min 5)
apx. age group of women attending
Contact number and email address
Best time to contact you.
Have more fun this Holiday Season and host a Boudoir Party.
Have your friends over, play dress up games, share your sexy outfits and laughter. Together we'll create images that will show you the side of yourself you did not now you had and they will leave him speechless. Also a great idea for Birthdays, Valentine's Day Anniversary etc... Be the first one to start a new tradition and your friends will thank you for that.
I cover all of the Hampton Roads area. For larger parties I will travel beyond. Contact me by Email to reserve your Boudoir Portrait Party.
Call 757-305-9652 today for a consultation and appointment
*Subjects and party guests MUST be 18 years or older.
ID required before party begins.
Visit my website for more examples of my work.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Boudoir Photography

Are you looking for that "Special" Christmas or Holiday gift for that "special" someone? Then look no further! A boudoir photography session is the perfect gift! If you aren't sure what a Boudoir Portrait is or think you have to be nude, or a Super Model, please continue to read as that isn't true.
We will discuss Boudoir Portraits a bit here.

What is a typical boudoir portrait?
There really is no such thing as a typical boudoir portrait. Boudoir images are whatever you want them to be. Since everyone wants something a little different, boudoir images vary greatly from person to person.

It is not necessary to be nude or revealing in boudoir photography. It has more to do with an attitude or state of mind than the clothes or lack there of. While some women choose to be nude for a portion of their session, it isn't unheard of for some to stay fully clothed the entire session. Since the usual purpose of boudoir photography is to make a very special and unique gift to a loved one, the primary ideas conveyed in boudoir photography are love, affection, romance, and giving.
What really matters is that you feel comfortable in whatever you chose to do and wear. Whether you are looking for an elegant romantic image or want to turn the heat on significantly, Breezy Cranford Photography can help you achieve the results you desire. You are always in control of your clothing and poses.
Boudoir photography does not have to have a subject that is a super model or physically perfect woman. It does not require the use of extravagant props, and studio space. In fact, the very essence of boudoir photography is the idea that its subject is not a professional model and may not necessarily be in the bedroom. No longer confined to the idea of heavy makeup, lingerie, and the bedroom, the new age of boudoir photography is casual, sexy, and sensual. It refers to a range of looks or styles of photography that can be variously described as romantic, soft, sensual, glamorous, suggestive, semi-nude, and nude.
Boudoir, French for bedroom, refers to images that have themes of romance, sensuality, and flirtation.

Where Are The Images Taken?
Boudoir images
are typically taken in your home, my studio, or anywhere else that you will feel comfortable. Other locations might include your/his office, the boat, a remote outdoor location, his truck, anywhere as long as you feel comfortable and won't be rushed. Your home is often a good location because you have access to all of yours and his things, should a creative spark occur during the session.

Who Will Be Present?
You and I will be the only people to know about the portrait session unless you choose to tell someone else. If you would feel more comfortable having a friend present, then by all means ask her along. It is important that you feel completely relaxed and comfortable during the portrait session. If the session takes place some where other than my studio, I ask that you consider the amount of space available for the photo session and ensure there is enough room for you, your guests, any props or furnishing that will appear in the photos, myself, and the photo equipment.

What Should I Wear?
Well that dependas on what you want to convey in the images so that will largely dictate what you will wear and how you will dress. If you will have bare skin photographed, then you should wear loose fitting clothing, avoiding anything with elastic or wires around any portion of your body that will be shown to the camera. Tight fitting or elastic clothing leaves indentations and places on the skin that will show up prominently in the photographs. To get that silky, smooth skin look, wear loose fitting clothing prior to your portrait session. Also avoid sitting or leaning on anything that will leave creases in the skin.
During the portrait session you may wear one or more different outfits. You choose the degree of clothing on or off. I use my artistic ability to capture you in the most flattering poses and lighting scenarios.
Here is a list of some clothing, accessory items, and ideas you might consider
*A mini skirt
*His uniform
*Your uniform
*Silk boxer shorts*
*Items from a pastime you both share
*An off the shoulder top
*An open front blouse
*Something transparent
*Thongs or tee backs
*A Halloween outfit
*Colorful panties and bra
*His favorite team jersey
*Anything fishnet
*Western hat and boots
*Workout clothes and dumbells
*Tools of your/his trade
*A silk sheet
*His construction tools and belt
*A large bath towel (with wet hair)
*A body stocking
*That special dress he bought
*Hats and gloves
*Tight shorts
*A torn t-shirt
*Anything Leather
*Sports paraphernalia
*Romantic symbol (wine, flowers, etc.)
*Something he gave you
*Short or tight tank/t shirts
*High heels
*Flower petals
*Large jewelry pieces*
*Thigh high stockings with/without garters
*Anything tight
*Anything suggestive
*His special gift to you
*A beautiful dress
*His favorite shirt
*Jockey underwear for ladies
*His favorite fantasy
*Something funny
*Your honeymoon outfit
* A beautiful evening dress
* A vest
* Biker shorts
* Wild jewelry
* Sexy Costumes (local places to purchase are Pink Banana & Leather and Lace
* A sweater or blouse that sparkles
* Tee shirts with rips or holes
* His overalls
* Sun glasses
* Scarfs
* micro bikini
* Your bridal gown or veil (especially for new brides)
* Cutoffs that are too short
* A vest, visor and playing cards
* Your favorite teddy bear (for that innocent little girl appeal)
* A fur coat
* Tight shorts
* A bath robe
* His hard hat
* His hunting jacket
* Any props from home
* Artistic nude (very subtle)
* Tasteful nudes (Playboy style, etc.)
The list can go on and on.
Use your imagination and be creative!
Boudoir photography is one of those opportunities for you to wear that sexy outfit that you "just can't wear anywhere." It's a time to live a fantasy, and capture it in print. As a photographer and artist it is my job to enhance and flatter you in as many ways as possible, while telling your story and making sure that you remain comfortable during your session. The Boudoir portraits are done with class, elegance, fun, and shows your own personality. An image as personal or revealing as you care to make it. Never compromising your integrity, and above all else, always keeping your privacy and respect a top priority.
Choose a theme that suits who you are, or what you wish to portray be it fashion or fantasy, and lets create an image that speaks for you. Abstracts are especially good for discretion if you're looking to hang your portrait in a highly visible place. In some cases the identity of the subject cannot be recognized. What a great way to be bold yet subtle.

For many mothers to be, a boudoir image can portray the beauty of bringing a new life into this world. That special glow a woman gains during theses months, and the wonders of what a love between two people can create is something worth capturing in such an intimate way that can be put into a story book to enjoy for years to come. We can hold a maternity/boudoir session all at once. If this is something you are interested in please give me a call or send me an email.
An alternate idea you might want to consider is a "Girls Night Out Boudoir Portrait Party" where you plan a party around a boudoir photography theme. Multiple people can be included in the photo session.

Finally, think about your boudoir portrait session from his perspective as you make your decisions to fulfill his fantasy. Plan, prepare well, and most of all have fun. Just think about the priceless look on his face when you present him with this tasteful gift showing your love for him!
Visit my website at for more examples of my work.
Or you can contact me at 757-305-9652 or by email at to set up a consultation to discuss options or schedule your session.