Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here are a couple of Images

From Montgomery County NC before and after my trip Westward for Imaging USA.

The first one is a quick snap of a double rainbow. It peeped through for about 30-45 seconds before more storms came through. The winds were so bad it sounded like a Tornado was coming, luckily it wasn't but there were some major power outages.
It was taken from my moms front porch.

The second 2 were from a week later when I got back into town the temperatures were down into the single digits. I saw the fountain in the town of Star at the Star B&B. So I jumped out and snapped a couple.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some photos from Andy

Korina, Breezy and Andy

Breezy & Andy

Our PPA meet up

These were some photos Andy took at Imaging USA.

We had a great time can't ya tell :D

Super Bowl Sunday Boudoir Photo Session

Anyone interested in a boudoir session next Sunday is the day!I am going to offer 45 min Sessions for $25.If you Bring 2 friends who also hold a session your session is FREE!!!! Your session will be up to 45 mins long and you are only limited to clothing changes dependent on time. I will only be using the black and white backgrounds to keep the session running smoothly and to get as much photography time as possible.This will be by appointments only. So if you are interested please contact me here, by email at Breezy@BreezyCranfordPhotography.com or by phone at 757-305-9652.This will be a perfect Valentine gift for him and what better time to do it, he will probably be so wrapped up in the game that he may not even notice that you aren't there. http://www.breezycranfordphotography.com
There are samples of Boudoir images on my site and my myspace page.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Imaging USA Final Update

Well I am finally back from Imaging USA and at "home" in Norfolk Virgina.
I was too exhausted to update most of the time and then when I could the internet at the hotel was usually down.
So I will just update everything here in one big post.
I was in classes everyday starting at 7am. I got to meet some great and well known photographers.
Just to name a few, 2 that I had wanted to meet the whole time we were in Corpus Christi was Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton of Tricoast Photography. They live just south of Houston TX but usually shoot weddings all over the world and very few actually in Texas lol.
Hanson Fong, Joe Buissink, Anne Geddes, Bob Davis, & Clay Blackmore just to name a few more.
Bob Davis has worked closely with Oprah Winfrey, and photographed Eva Longoria and Tony Parkers wedding.
Joe Buissink has photographed many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Brendan Fraser, Kelsey Grammer, Hillary Swank & Chad Lowe, Christina Applegate, Jenny Garth & Peter Facinelli, and Christina Aguilera. BEAUTIFUL work!
We all know who Anne Geddes is!!! She is the one who started the craze with the babies in flower pots etc... Very beautiful work too. She even got a standing ovation in a sold out symphony hall.
Clay Blackmore has photographed Larry King, Forrest Whitaker, Jenna Elfman, Maria Sharapova just to name a few.

The expo was great tons and tons of products to offer. I can't wait to get my frames and bags in to show my clients.
The parties were fun and pretty good food too. And it is official that Imaging USA will be in Nashville Tennessee in Jan. 2010. I can't wait to go back to the Grand Ole Opry where the expo will take place.
If you a photographer and debating attending a PPA event I HIGHLY recommend it. I learned so much and met some AWESOME photographers, many who haven't shot Celebrity Weddings but great None the less!!
I want to thank Andy Contreras for putting up with me as a room mate :D
I truely hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me. I can't wait to see you in Nashville. BTW send me those photos :P I need to post them here.

Tonya I hope you passed your exam and are fully certified.
Don and Dee Barnes & Janice and your hubby, it was great to meet you guys and have dinner. Hopefully we can do it again another time.

To all of the photographers on the Southwest Airlines flight, it was truely fun and memorable. Maybe I will get to see you guys in Raleigh for the school. www.ppofnc.com.

I was also able to meet one of the Biggest Loser contestants while on my journies westward. Can't speak a lot about it but I do have a snapshot to post once I download my images.

And I have to say one thing about Phoenix, if you are going to visit and plan to use the light rail, make sure that the hotel really is just across the street from the rail station as our convention hotel told us that the rail was just across the street. But it was actually 4.5 blocks up and not your normal block either. So it took us about 15 mins to walk to the rail station and then the train ride was supposed to be 15 minutes but I never made it to the convention center in less than 28 mins.

Once I arrived back in NC it was FREEZING literally. I have a couple of photos to post from it too once I get them uploaded.

The kids had fun I do believe with their Mimi and Papa and then Nana.
Mimi and Pa got them 4 wheelers for Christmas, even after wrecking them they kept going back for more. My kids are apparently just like my husband, not afraid of much lol.
Poor Snoopy thought we had thrown her away, she still hasn't adjusted to VA let alone be bounced around. But she is snoring as usual now, so I think she is settling down.

But keep an eye out for new and improved things to come to Breezy Cranford Photography!!
Any way I think that is it except for the photos. So once Andy emails me the ones she took and I upload the others I will get them posted.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A first for me!?!?!

Went to Burger King again today and I find it completely crazy that you have to deposit a token just to use the restroom!?!?!
I understand that they are for customers only but to me that is just strange lol.
Any way, the day was long got up missed the train and it 20 minutes till the next one came.
Then we were late for class, felt like High School again lol.
The class was great! I learned alot about Marketing and can't wait to start implimenting some of it.
My hubby called me so that was nice. And my middle son called to tell "I miss you Mom". How sweet is that?!?! It was a message so I will have to call him tomorrow. But it made me feel loved none the less lol.
No photos as my calibration ran out and I didn't bring my card reader. Apparently I forgot more than I originally thought lol.
Any way that is is for tonight. More tomorrow.
Hopefully I get to update with a SUPER BOWL SUNDAY BOUDOIR SPECIAL!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Phoenix Arizona and Imaging USA

I arrived in Phoenix yesterday about 200pm local time. After catching the bus to the light rail, figuring out the light rail tickets and hoping on the train in the right direction, I was on my way for my hotel.
Once in my room I called my husband, mom, sister and MIL (watching kids for me) to let them know I had arrived and that I would talk with them again soon.
I caught the shuttle to Mill Ave. to grab a bite to eat is is now 530 EST and I am starving. After waling around for a few, I finally decided on Hooters I was in the mood from some Wings. :D
I then came back to the room and called it a night. Emailed my clients and got everything in order for today.
On to today.
I went into Downtown a little early grabbed some breakfast and then wondered around with my camera for some shots.
I finally got over to the Sheraton and checked in for my class for Imaging USA.

The class was great! I have learned a lot and can't wait to implement it when I get back to Virgina. And this is only day ONE!!!

So with that said to all of you in Hampton Roads VA, be ready for some great things to come from Breezy Cranford Photography.
Mainly in High School Senior, Baby, Event and Wedding Photography!

I am looking for 2 senior Reps from East Montgomery High School and 2 from West Montgomery High School in Montgomery County, North Carolina.

I am also looking form 2 high school Reps in all High Schools located in the Hampton Roads Virginia area.
Each Rep will receive a Complimentary 120 minute Photography Session including indoor and outdoor poses. 50 referral bookmarks and $5 for every booked referral.
If you are interested in being a Rep please contact me ASAP for more information!
It is about time to call it a night.
Can't wait to update tomorrow!

Friday, January 02, 2009

The Start of the NEW YEAR

It was great to ring in the new year with my husband even though it was by phone. It certainly could have been worse. He called about 2 minutes before the NYC Ball dropped, so we celebrated my time not his. Certainly would have been better for him to be here in person but hey such is the life of a military family right?!? lol

Well not sure what to say about it. I am really looking forward to it. But I forgot my greens and Black Eyed Peas. Sure hope I didn't Jinx myself.
Spent the day unpacking and repacking for the next trip. We are heading to North Carolina to visit family and celebrate Christmas with them. And then I am off to Imaging USA in Phoenix.

I have decided to try and post here atleast 2 times a week. Hopefully with new photos. I am hoping I will learn some better organizational skills at Imaging also as I need to be more organized so that I can get the most out of my time. As I am also planning to workout 5-6 days a week, plus still homeschool the kids and have time for my photography clients.

Would love to buddy up with someone in the area that can help keep me motivated for the workouts, as we have a trip to Hawaii booked in July and I absolutely can NOT go there looking like I do right now. I am a stress eater and have obviously been stressed alot over the last 18 months. So if you are also looking for a workout buddy let me know. We can motivate each other through email and such if need be.
Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a GREAT New Year!