Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fotofusion Templates

Just wanted to share some awesome templates from a great lady named Anna. She was so thoughtful and shared them with everyone. I can't wait to play but I can't until I get back to my photos. Anna I will share my plays once I get a chance.
She also has some tutorials on her blog too. Please check it out if you love to take photos pro or not :D
Thanks again for sharing! You are Awesome! Sorry for taking so long to share. I had issues with Blogger posting.

If you are wondering what Fotofusion is it is an Awesome program for Scrapbooking and Photographers alike. I purchased this software to help me design my clients albums, but soon realized I could also use it for my own photos and scrap them digitally. There are 3 versions of Lumapix Fotofusion.
Scrapbooking essentials, Enhanced and Extreme (professional photographers)
You can check out the software here.


annawhocropsalot said...

That's so sweet of you, Breezy! Thanks!

Breezy said...

No Problem Anna.
It was very nice of you to offer these up. I linked it through my facebook and I had a few comments there as well.
Again they are greatly appreciated!