Monday, November 14, 2011

When in France, do as the French!

We did the best we could with our non English speaking waitress and our non French speaking selves lol. We knew what this was before ordering, but Sommer said bring it on.
Then when it came out this is the look she gave lol.
Still debating on it. Do you know what it is?

OK I might as well give it a shot she said.

OK that wasnt too bad. I will try the whole thing now.

Back Off! She said to Austin lol

And incase you hadn't guessed, it is sea snails lol. All of those were an appetizer.

She finally let Austin try one.

He wasn't too sure about it, but in the end he said he liked it.

This is what the little boogers look like out of their shells.

Hey mom try one she said! I was very skeptical, can't you tell haha.

OK better just get it over with or I won't do it.

It wasn't too bad, not as bad as I had expected that is for sure.

And Gary tried it, he put a little of the mayo mixture on his though.

He liked it too.

Sommer asked to take the rest of them home with her and the waitress thought she was crazy or something. Her and Gary both agreed they were better hot than they were cold. And yes Codey refused to try them at all.
Any way this was a cute little place on the river in a little village between Juno and Sword beach I think. I will know specifics when I look for the papers that we brought back. There was a fresh fish market right beside of it. Pictures to come soon from that too.
Sorry mom hope it didn't make you sick. Sommer just said we had to share them with ya'll. HAHA.


StaceyN said...

Yummy!! My dad made us escargot in a butter garlic sauce I believe when I was younger. Sooooo good! =)

Breezy said...

It really wasn't that bad. As for the escargot, Stacey not sure I could try those lol, those are bigger. And I was ok with these until Sommer broke one and it slimed. I kept thinking to myself "I just ate one of those slimy things" lol. So I didn't eat any more haha. Garlic butter can make about anything taste good though hehe.
Thanks for reading and responding :)