Monday, August 31, 2009


A sea turtle at Tunnels Bay Kauai

A Sea Cucumber

My husband at Tunnels Bay snorkeling.

Fish at Tunnels Bay.

My son snorkeling.

Napli Coast Kauai, Hawaii

Napali Coast Kauai Hawaii from the air with Interisland Helicopter Tours

Spouting Horn Kauai

Here are just a couple of images from Hawaii, far from my favorites I am sure I have clients I have to work on first. But here are a couple just the same. The underwater ones were shot with a P&S which I am not good with lol. P&S's are just too slow for me.
Just the same they were shot with the Canon D10. It is a nice little underwater camera. I would have prefered taking my DSLR under instead but the insurance company didn't want to cover the housing I wanted, so I opted to just buy and underwater camera instead. The kids love that I did too. I am pretty sure I have atleast one photographer in the making. Austin shot many photos on the Home of the Brave tour, especially the Arizona Memorial and most of them turned out pretty good. Since all three of them want to shoot all the time, I will be incorporating photography into their lessons this year. This camera though takes a beating and keeps on ticking. We dropped it a couple of times I believe. It was smashed up against the rocks and coral several times while snorkeling. And the boat ride with Holo holo from the "Forbidden" Island across the channel was choppy to say the least, so it got tossed around a couple of times onboard too.

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