Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Been an interesting day here today

Not sure how many of you know but we have orders to Naples Italy!!!!! We are so excited, the time to go can't get here fast enough. Anyway....
The hubs and I had to meet with the Orthodontist this morning. We have one child that is still in phase 1 and ready for phase 2, one that has finished phase 1 and should be ready for phase 2 around July. The 3rd they are hoping can hold off until she is a bit older. Any way we were there today to decide what route we want to take for phase 2. We can do just plain extractions and make it all much better. Or he can have surgery and extractions and make it "perfect". I am pretty sure we are leaning towards just the extractions and make the best of what we were dealt. But the real question comes into play with no knowing what Naples has to offer for dependants with braces. So tomorrow at some point I get to try and call or go into Boone clinic and talk with Dental to find out if they have the orthodontic facilities or not. So that was sticker shock, insurance will only pay another 750. Our portion is almost 4000 dollars. Not counting what we have paid for phase 1. But we have started this process, we need to finish it I guess.
Once that was over we actually had lunch together as the hubs was going to miss it on the ship by the time he got back. He left back for work, I tried to schedule that drs appt. that I have been trying to get since Friday still with no luck. Worked on some photos, and took the kids to Soccer practice. It was parents against kids scrimage. Yeah that was a mistake. Pretty sure I broke my toe lol. It won't bend and it hurts like crazy to walk. Go figure, that is my luck. We are home and settled in for the night. While fixing dinner on the George Forman I burned my arm, blisters and all lol. Now waiting on the hubs to get home, as he warned me that this week will be late nights due to training.
So yeah I know this has nothing to do with Photography but I figure if I get into the habit of posting regularly the photography part of it will fall into place lol.
Hope everyone had a more productive day than I have. As I am still trying to search for answers about our DL's (North Carolina and Texas) as we need them valid for the entire length of the OCONUS tour.

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