Thursday, July 08, 2010

Oh my been awhile again

Time is passing me by. Ever since we got verbal orders to Naples Italy in February, time has been going by quickly for everything except the hard copy lol.

Hard to believe we are already in July. Last week was crazy, the husband's ship went to the Bahamas for some shindig. Unfortunately no photos to scrap for DH's album as he only got to step about 5 feet outside of the gate. They were only there for 2 days and he had duty the full day in port. Go figure lol.
He finally got home about 6pm Saturday night, which made for a very short 4th of July weekend. We lounged with the kids on Sunday cause it was way too hot to go any where during daylight hours. We did wind up going to see some fireworks that night. Started off by heading to Downtown Norfolk since I was able to get some beautiful shots there last year. After sitting in traffic and realizing most parking decks were completely full we got out of there and hit 264 and heading for Va Beach instead. Stopped at a parking deck on Independence Blvd so we didn't have to fight the Mt. Trashmore traffic. If you are just wanting to "see" the fireworks it was a good location but I only too my 90mm as a "just" in case lense and it was too short. I had trees (which are ok) and powerlines in the way. But all in all I got some ok shots. Hopefully next year in Italy I can get some beautiful shots again.

I will post a collage in a bit of the kids and the fireworks.

Oh and we did take the kids to Kings Dominion on Monday, and OMGoodness was it ever so hot. I literally thought I was going to have a heat stroke or something. It was fun but too hot to really enjoy it.

But I just wanted to say I have been pretty busy with processing clients photos and designing albums.

Like I said before things have been way fast since getting the orders, we have gone to 2 workshops for the move and have another to go but can't do that until we have orders in hand. The kids are moving from phase one in braces to phase 2. Can I just say "Sticker Shock?" This is a busy time of year here in Hampton Roads for photographers, but it has been so hot that many of mine have been moved indoors. My house and studio are turned upside down as we have been packing things we want to keep but no need to take. You know that huge dining room table that is not going to fit in the 1400 sq ft houses over there lol. Yeah that has been oh so fun. We have gone through things and had a yard sale, but gonna have to have another. We are lined up to go to a TAPS class soon, hard copy should be in soon and we are no where near ready. The husband will be in and out until he detaches in Nov., so most of this move will be left up to me again. And after our last move I could so do a DITY but that would be too costly for an OCONUS move. So I am stuck with the movers the Navy hires.

My house is turned upside down and I have another shoot tomorrow. I gotta run and clean but again here are a couple of photos from our 4th of July weekend.

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