Monday, August 23, 2010

I believe my blog will be photography and everything else from now on!

The kids and I are sitting here listening to an Italian learning CD that we got from the JEB Little Creek library. Some of the things come back to me from my Latin days in High school. Some of the words though, oh my we will be laughed at I am sure. But atleast we are trying. And the kids will get what 4 years of Italian for their home schooling. They really enjoy it, thankfully and we laugh when we mess up. I have been told by a few people though that we will need to learn the Naples version of Italian as it is very different for regular Italian. Wish us luck and off we go for more :D.


annawhocropsalot said...

Italy! That'll be an experience of a lifetime! That's my vacation dream spot!

Have fun schooling abroad! Ooh, I'm almost green here....

Breezy said...

Hey Anna
That is our thoughts exactly. Not everyone gets this chance of a lifetime. We have only been trying to go overseas for 12 years lol. I can't wait.
Oh and don't be green just plan a trip to come visit :D