Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh man it has been a long day...

Updated to add the quick snap shots that I took.
Had some things that had to be taken care of last night so I was up until 2am. Finally fell asleep sometime after 230am. And then it seems like 5 mins later that the alarm went off. It was actually 630am and time to get up, cut Austin's hair, get the other 2 in the showers and be at NOB by 9am for Gary's reenlistment. We were up and, bathed, fed and completely ready by 8am. So we headed over the Nexcom to drop Sunrita's OPLOVE video and photos off to her. And then sit in traffic to actually get on base. Park forever away from the pier and then head towards the ship. Onboard at 902am but it didn't make a difference. Gary didn't get topside until almost 920am. We headed to the bridge, discussed what was going on with his releif and our orders to Naples. A little after 10am we finally got the reenlistment ceremony underway. Gary was discharged and enlisted in a matter of 3 minutes lol. They gave me a certificate (as usual) for my dedication and support etc... But someone forgot the kids. Not sure if it was Gary or someone else. I guess they will get theirs at some point. We celebrated with a cake. Certainly not the best cake but you could tell it wasn't from a box lol.
We (the kids and I) made it off the ship around 11 or so, and went to the Cold Stone Creamery to order Sommer's Birthday cake for Saturday. She wanted a Strawberry cheesecake ice cream with red velvet cake. Get to pick it up on Friday at lunch time (yay). This is the Cold Stone on Base, can't you see my excitement?
Gary finally got off sometime after noon. He decided that LoneStar Steakhouse was where we would go to celebrate his last 4 year enlistment in the Navy. Lunch wasn't too bad other than it took him til almost 2pm to decide where we were going. Didn't know kids eat free on Tuesdays there nor that they offer a military discount of 10% everyday and 20% on Mondays.
Now we are home and relaxing. I need to process his enlistment pics and get them up and maybe even creat a page or 2 for the scrapbook before we forget everything lol.
So after this very long winded entry I will try to get the pictures up soon.
Think I will head to bed early tonight :D

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