Monday, January 04, 2010

The Picture A Day posts start today!

I started shooting them on the first like I said I would. I will not post them everyday because I know for one that I will not get on here everyday and 2 that will bog down the site. So I will try to post every few days or so. With that said on Friday the first I decided to shoot a ring that was inscribed. In my photography course one of my photo projects was to photograph something with the smallest Apeture. I have an idea for this but it is just too cold for this girl to go outside unless I absolutely have to. So I decided to try it with a ring instead. With a ring I knew I would need my macro lens so I pulled it out and opened it up to 2.8. I shot it at several flash settings (which automatically disqualifies it for the assignment as no flash can be used). Any way I didn't get exactly what I wanted, should have actually stopped it down just a tad. But I am sure I will have plenty of chances to keep trying since it will be so cold here this week lol. Hope you enjoy the BW of it.

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