Monday, January 19, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday Boudoir Photo Session

Anyone interested in a boudoir session next Sunday is the day!I am going to offer 45 min Sessions for $25.If you Bring 2 friends who also hold a session your session is FREE!!!! Your session will be up to 45 mins long and you are only limited to clothing changes dependent on time. I will only be using the black and white backgrounds to keep the session running smoothly and to get as much photography time as possible.This will be by appointments only. So if you are interested please contact me here, by email at or by phone at 757-305-9652.This will be a perfect Valentine gift for him and what better time to do it, he will probably be so wrapped up in the game that he may not even notice that you aren't there.
There are samples of Boudoir images on my site and my myspace page.

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