Sunday, January 11, 2009

A first for me!?!?!

Went to Burger King again today and I find it completely crazy that you have to deposit a token just to use the restroom!?!?!
I understand that they are for customers only but to me that is just strange lol.
Any way, the day was long got up missed the train and it 20 minutes till the next one came.
Then we were late for class, felt like High School again lol.
The class was great! I learned alot about Marketing and can't wait to start implimenting some of it.
My hubby called me so that was nice. And my middle son called to tell "I miss you Mom". How sweet is that?!?! It was a message so I will have to call him tomorrow. But it made me feel loved none the less lol.
No photos as my calibration ran out and I didn't bring my card reader. Apparently I forgot more than I originally thought lol.
Any way that is is for tonight. More tomorrow.
Hopefully I get to update with a SUPER BOWL SUNDAY BOUDOIR SPECIAL!!!

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