Tuesday, January 10, 2012

He sure is a handsome young man....

If I do say so myself. I can't believe he is 14. Time sure does fly by. Austin's birthday was Saturday. We spent a quiet day at home per his request. He requested dinner and a cake lol.
Yes those are snow capped mountains behind him, along with an orchard and vineyard. Love the view from our balconies.

Austin is a chocoholic to say the least. We were at the NEX early last week and I told him to go to the Ice cream store and tell me what he wanted on his cake. We always do ice cream cakes for them. He came back and said they didn't have anything but plain chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake.
So he asked me to make him a cake. HAHA. I am crafy with a camera but when it comes to baking and decorating yeah um not so much.
Any way here is his chocolate cake um I mean brownie cake lol. Thought I had a cake mix but didn't so we improvised and make the "cake like" brownies instead of the usual chewy ones. He requested the chocolate ice crean, crushed oreos, semi sweet chocolate chips, M&Ms and chocolate icing.
It was so sweet even he couldn't finish his slice lol.
Here are a couple quick snaps of his cake.

And yes I know that is an ugly cake. I think it is the ugliest cake I have ever seen. But he was totally happy with it and that is all that matters :D

Man that sure is a lot of fire!

Yeah he blew them all out.

Thank goodness we didn't set off the smoke detectors.

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