Monday, January 09, 2012

Le Monte Saint Michel and more.....

Here are a few more images from our trip to France.
Most are from Le Mont Saint Michel. Absolutely beautiful!

This is part of one of the doors. They are huge.

The view from the Cathedral area. When the tide comes in they water surrounds it. You are even told what time you have to move your car or it will be underwater.

This was by the gardens

Ivy growing on the wall. We saw this in several places in France. I loved seeing it growing on the houses.

View from the parking lot.

View from the road. I think this is my absolute favorite.

Sheep in the field with Le Mont Saint Michel in the background. This was suggested to me by my friend Amanda. Thanks again Amanda.

One of the graves at La Cambe German Cememtery/

View of the cemetery in the fall. the colors here were stunning. And the gray sky added to it.

Craters from the bombs at La Pointe Du Hoc.
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